Future Cars In the Garage Pt 1

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Future Car Repair - Introduction

by Aaron Turpen

How will the auto repair industry keep up with fast-evolving automotive technology?

Everyone who's owned a car of any type knows that it eventually has to go in for service and repair. The same will hold true with future car technologies such as electrics, fuel cells, and other alt-fueled vehicles. The question is: how will those who maintain and repair automotive products keep up with the new technology and what can you, as an owner of one of these future cars, expect to deal with when it comes to maintenance and repair?

Looking ahead, there are several things coming that will change the face of automotive repair and maintenance in the future. In the near-term, these services will be expensive in comparison to their internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle counterparts. As with any new technology, it comes at a price until it is more common and mainstream. In the not too distant future, however, the new tech will be so everyday that costs will be relatively low again.

In order to get from Point A to Point B in future car tech, several things will have to happen once the technology has hit the road:

  • Technicians to do the service and repair work will have to be trained.
  • Specialized tools will be developed to aid those technicians.
  • Knowledge products (books, manuals, etc.) will be developed to aid the technicians.
  • The replacement parts supply chain will have to accommodate the new technologies.

Lucky for us, all of this has evolved before in the automotive industry; several times, in fact, throughout modern history. As the automobile has changed with time and better technology, so has the repair industry that surrounds it.

In this series, we will explore the various needs of currently-emerging technologies that are likely to be on the road (in force) in the next decade. At the same time, we'll look at how the maintenance and repair industries will keep up with these new additions and changes.

So come and follow along as we explore FutureCars in the Garage.

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