ZAP-X Crossover EV

Santa Clara, CA based ZAP (Zero Air Pollution), makers of the spectacularly unexciting Xebra Electric Sedan and Truck, got wise and hooked up with Lotus Engineering, and the result is the ZAP-X Crossover EV, a vehicle with so many amenities it’s got luxury—and more than a bit of skepticism—written all over it. The concept car is generating a ton of buzz—good and bad—and that’s not surprising when you take a look at some of the specs highlighted below—most of which far exceed anything ever produced in the industry.

Type: All-electric vehicle

Class: Crossover SUV

Manufacturer: ZAP Motors

ZAP-X Crossover EV  Review

The Manufacturer Says...

“ZAP has joined with Lotus Engineering in the development of the new ZAP-X Crossover, incorporating distinct technological advancements that will result in one of the most advanced electric cars ever developed.”

The Critics Say...

“[On paper], this all-electric 7-seat crossover beauty … is nothing short of a revolution … it’s looking like a truly green car that needs no apologies.”—

“The ZAP-X solves every problem that has foiled attempts to build electric vehicles … if, of course, it existed.”—

What We Like

The performance. 0-60 acceleration in under 5 second and a top speed of 155 mph—comparable to a high-performance roadster.

The drive train. All-wheel drive, thanks to four electronic wheel hub motors (each wheel rates at 161 HP, totaling a powerful 644 HP), which should increase vehicle efficiency a bit.

The lithium battery system. ZAP’s claims are more staggering here than anywhere else: 350 mile range on a single charge, and a ten minute full recharge.

The entertainment system. The interior features an on-board computer with Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth, high-def video, I-Pod hook-up, USB ports too … sounds like a lot of fun.

The design. Crossover SUV’s are by nature not the most attractive vehicles, but that doesn’t subtract from the fact that the ZAP-X is the best-looking one we’ve seen in a long time.

What We Don’t Like

The price. Or rather, its omission. They want a $25,000 deposit, but don’t indicate how much the full price might be. Good for generating revenue, bad for everything else.

The manufacturer. Sorry to ZAP, but their track record on delivering hardly inspires any confidence. In 2004 their hype was over a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that has yet to materialize; in 2005, it was a 100% ethanol-powered vehicle. Same outcome. Is the ZAP-X headed for this dubious graveyard?

ZAP-X Crossover EV Specifications

Propulsion system: 4 electronic wheel hub motors (644 hp)

Top Speed: 155 mph

Zero-to-60: 4.8 seconds


Vehicle range: 350 miles

Fuel(s): Electricity

Battery system: Lithium (recharge ten minutes)

Tailpipe emissions: None


Faster than the Tesla, with a longer range, shorter charge time, and room for up to five more passengers, the ZAP-X could become the most impressive EV anyone has ever owned—if anyone ever actually gets to own one.

And that seems very unlikely, especially in light of its proposed 2008 launch.

More information on the ZAP-X Crossover EV at:

Zap World

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