Phoenix Motorcars SUT

In 2001, founders Dan Riegert and Dana Muscato envisioned creating a “virtual car company” and, considering the incredible odds and costs facing fledgling car makers, ‘virtual car company’ is not a bad idea.

BYD F6DM Sedan

Type: 100% fully electric (BEV)
Class: Sport Utility Truck

Manufacturer: Phoenix

The Manufacturer Says...

“Phoenix Motorcars capitalizes on technology breakthroughs which eliminate previous deficiencies in battery and drive-train performance. The result: all-electric vehicles with performance similar to gas- or diesel-powered vehicles without the polluting by-products.”

The Critics Say...

“It’s a given that small independent manufacturers just don’t have the resources to manufacture high-quality, stamped steel vehicles on a sophisticated chassis. Yet, that’s just what we have here.”—

What We Like

The battery. This is without a doubt one of the more exciting battery systems in the industry. Phoenix is using the nanotechnology-based NanoSafe™ battery, a lithium titanate battery technology developed by Altairnano. It can be recharged in ten minutes, and with the promised expansion pack, the company claims a 250 mile range on a single charge. Furthermore, unlike the batteries in other electric cars, this one is designed to work in hot and cold weather.

The performance. A top speed of 95 mph and 0-60 in ten seconds.

The payload. A 1,000 pound payload capacity isn’t bad for this vehicle.

What We Don’t Like

The SUT. A four-door sport utility truck may be practical for fleets, and it’s hard to deny that the Phoenix SUT is more attractive than some of the other overactive-looking SUTs out there, but SUTs are good examples of vehicles that try to do too much. As a consequence they tend to do a lot of things adequately, but nothing extremely well.

Phoenix Motorcars SUT Specifications

Propulsion system: liquid-cooled, 100 kW PowerPhase 100 electric traction motor
Top Speed: 120 mph
Zero-to-60: 10 seconds
Vehicle range: 100 miles
Fuel(s): Electricity
Battery system: : Lithium titanate NanoSafe™ battery (off-board recharge: 10 minutes; on-board, 6 hours)
Tailpipe emissions: None


The best thing this vehicle has going for it right now is the battery system. It gives us plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of electric cars—if it holds up to the hype. That caveat has always been somewhat pandemic in the automotive industry, but never moreso than it is in today’s climate of global warming and alternative fuels. Whether Phoenix has the funding muscle and a sure grip on their technology to keep their heads above water remains to be seen.

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