Myers Motors NmG

Ohio-based Myers Motors’ NmG (“No More Gas”) is a single passenger, highway-legal vehicle with a fully enclosed cockpit, two front wheels and a single back drive wheel. According to spokesman John Dages, in designing the NmG, the company “took out everything people hated” about the colossally hideous Corbin Sparrow, leaving some (meaning us) to wonder what could possibly remain behind in that equation.

by Ross Bonander, Contributing Writer

Type: Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV)
Class: Three-wheeled motorcycle

Manufacturer: Myers Motors

Myers Motors NmG

The Manufacturer Says...

“Drive Cool : Be Cool”

The Critics Say...

“The ill-fated three-wheeler formerly known as the Corbin Sparrow is back, with a new owner, a different name, revamped mechanicals and a promise the old car’s myriad problems are history.”—

What We Like

The carpool loophole. Every time you drive the NmG, it is considered ‘fully occupied’, meaning you can use the HOV and carpool lanes. Of course, this requires actually getting on the freeway in this thing, where you run the risk of being flattened by a MINI Cooper.

The trunk. Six cubic feet ain’t much, but it’s six more than we were imagining. Myers claims this is enough room for “18 large pizzas, 2 bags of chips, and four 2-liter bottles of pop to take to the party” but don’t believe it—you won’t get invited anywhere in this thing.

What We Don’t Like

The design. The NmG looks like it rolled off the same Holland assembly line as the world’s largest wooden clog. Careful not to park next to another NmG; a Dutch giant could mistake them for his dancing shoes.

The price . $34,900? For that amount of money, you could better serve humanity and the environment by putting 700 clowns on unicycles.

NmG Specifications

Propulsion system: 156 volt DC motor
Top Speed: 75 mph
Zero-to-60: NA
Vehicle range: 30 miles
Fuel(s): Electricity
Battery system: Thirteen 12-volt batteries wired in series (156-volt nominal system); recharge: 6-8 hours with 110 volt outlet.
Tailpipe emissions: None


Myers believes their NmG “challenges the labels of both ‘car’ and ‘motorcycle’” but we think they meant that the NmG is vehicularly challenged.

They also claim that it “gets more attention than a $100,000 sports car”. We don’t know about that, but at least no one will think you’re overcompensating for some shortcoming … unless you have really small feet.

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