Milner ElectricCar

The 4-seat, 4-door Milner ElectriCar is set to premiere, along with its cousin the AirCar, at the New York Auto Show in March of 2008. According to the company web site, the ElectriCar’s prototype is coming along well, although it may be offered initially as a kit car. Furthermore, one line is especially concerning: in citing the relative readiness of the interior, the site says they’re waiting for “engine and drive train issues” to be solved. Experience suggests the resolution of these important issues will alter the specs accordingly.

by Ross Bonander, Contributing Writer

Type: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
Class: 4-door sedan

Manufacturer: Milner Motors

Milner ElectricCar

The Manufacturer Says...

“We at Milner Motors feel the time is right for producing this next class of more efficient vehicle. Fuel prices remain high, global warming continues, the technology exists to solve these problems, and this is all happening at a time when the public seems ready for new solutions.”

The Critics Say...

“The Milner team has sliced off most of the wings [of its AirCar] and is preparing to … create the ElectriCar … Milner claims the car can run electrically for two hours or 120 miles before the 125cc engine switches on to charge the batteries … [they will] be at the New York Auto Show next month, so we'll be looking into how real this thing really is.”—

What We Like

The design. While this is the same body they’ll use for the Milner AirCar, as an electric car it suddenly strikes us—she looks like a ‘futurized’ version of an old 1930s era Packard or maybe a Beauford. If only she were a convertible too …

The weight. She weighs in at 1250 pounds, which goes some distance to explain one or two astonishing specs (see below), but the advanced-composite construction also manages to spare unnecessary additional weight while still providing adequate crash protection.

The footprint. Its 152-inch wheelbase and 64-inch tread width might contribute to stability but for us, they contribute to a slick looking ride, period.

The company web site. Comprehensive, informative, and easy to read.

What We Don’t Like

The battery issue. Namely, they haven’t selected a battery system yet. See the specs for a little more on this.

Milner ElectricCar Specifications

Propulsion system:2 48V DC motors (40hp peak, 15hp continuous) / 125cc, 15hp gas engine
Top Speed: 85 mph
MPG: “Better than 100 mpg”
Zero to 60: NA Vehicle range: 1120 miles (120 electric, 1000 gasoline)
Fuel(s):Electricity and conventional gasoline
Battery: NA. “Next generation batteries” have yet to be selected … calling into question their posted recharge time of 3 hours. 3 hours to recharge what, exactly?
Tailpipe emissions: Yes


Uncertainties aside, there is plenty here to get excited about. The Milner ElectriCar is a drastic design in its own right, but she offers plenty of potential inre the near-future of plug-in hybrids. The New York show will probably not produce a whole lot more in the way of important updates on the ElectriCar, but putting their product out there for critical eyes is a reasonable step forward. For starters, we’re anticipating a view or two of the cockpit and interior.

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