Loremo is a portmanteau for ‘low resistance mobile’ and the vehicle made big headlines at the Geneva Auto Show in 2006 when it boasted of a jaw-dropping 157 mpg. The Germany-based company hopes to make it, along with the sportier GT model, the world’s first mass-market ultralight vehicles.

Recently they announced production plans for an all electric car model, the E-Loremo, with hopes of a prototype in mid-2008. Although they have offered up a number of proposed specs for this vehicle in the company blog, they read a bit like they’re winging it, and as you'll note below, they aren’t very good at accurately estimating specs. So we’ll side-step the electric model for now and focus on the original.

Type: Low-weight diesel
Class: 2+2 sports car
Manufacturer: Loremo AG


The manufacturer says …

“[The Loremo] is a vehicle with a driving experience that will change your attitude towards mobility – a mobility pioneer, sustainable and sensationally priced – and that’s just the inner values!”

The Critics Say...

“While some of the fuel efficient cars use smaller engines that deliver less power, this car doesn’t play around in the power department.” —gearlive.com2

What We Like

The wing door. There are concerns that, on a rainy day your interior will get wet when open. To their credit, Loremo responds in their FAQ: “Driving pleasure was the more important factor to us. After all, how many days will there be, when it rains so heavily, that the front seats will be affected by water?”

The seating configuration. As a 2+2, the Loremo rear seats are either folded up for truck space or, as seats prove not quite big enough for your average adult, but in the event you can fit back there, do it—the seats are mounted facing the rear window. Fun ride! A great distraction for otherwise unruly kids as well.

The crash-resistant frame. Thanks to energy-transferring, front-to-back steel girders and a single crossbeam, the frame weighs less than half that of other cars, without a compromise in safety.

The price. Despite some fluctuations, the current estimate of 15,000 Euros amounts to about US $22,000 ofr the Loremo. This is a consumer-friendly price that, coupled with the vehicle’s mpg, dynamic profile and trunk space, suddenly makes the Loremo cost-efficient (in re fuel), good-looking and reasonably practical.

What We Don’t ...

The incredibly vanishing specs. Sure, this happens a lot, and the current specs are still great, but from Geneva 2006 to the company’s currently published specs, the Loremo has gained about 330 lbs (150 kg), while losing almost 200 miles in range and 40 mpg.

Loremo Specifications:

Propulsion system: 2-cylinder, 20 hp turbodiesel motor
Top Speed: 100 mph (160 km)
Zero-to-60: 9 seconds
MPG: 117 mpg (2,0/100km)
Vehicle range: 621 miles (1000 km)
Fuel(s): Diesel
Battery pack: NA
Tailpipe emissions: Yes. CO2 emissions claimed to be 50 g/km


Cost-efficient, good-looking, even practical. What’s missing here? Well it’s too bad she’s a diesel, but not really; diesel isn’t nearly the bad guy gasoline is, something they’ve known in Europe for a while. Should the Loremo make it stateside, EPA restrictions require most of the diesel sold in the US to be of the ultra-low sulfur variety, which does nothing for carbon dioxide emissions but is still better for the air than gasoline.

Ultimately what has Loremo accomplished? In simple terms they’ve reduced vehicle weight to maximize fuel efficiency, a simple concept that should at the very least help them in their quest for the Automotive X-Prize.


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