Segula Hagora Concept - Designed From the Pavement Up With the Environment In Mind


Imagine a hybrid sports car crossover capable of extreme fuel economy and a powerful driving experience. Now imagine that same car is also the most environmentally-friendly car, from conception to manufacture to use, to have ever been built. If you can imagine these things, you're imagining a HAGORA.

The manufacturer says

Environmental protection is not an end in itself, but an implicit input of human activity on our planet. Through our Hagora project, SEGULA Technologies offers its vision for the future of the automobile by concentrating in a single product, technology, emotion, seduction and ecology. HAGORA is the symbol of the renewal of the automobile. Conceived and designed by SEGULA Technologies, it brings together the best of current and future technologies.


  • Manufacturer: Segula Technologies
  • Year, Model: HAGORA concept
  • Class, Type: 1+2 seat crossover
  • Propulsion system:Hybrid-electric
  • Fuel(s): Gasoline, electricity
  • Availability:
  • Concept only.


The HAGORA combines three ideas to complete its environmentally-friendly package:

1) an innovative hybrid powertrain,
2) fully composite construction,
3) sporty, exciting styling.

The HAGORA uses a two-stroke engine, unlike most vehicles with a four-stroke. This 120 horsepower BRP Rotax motorcycle engine is much lighter than most car engines, is direct-injected and puts out a high horsepower to weight ratio. Couple that to a 100 horsepower electric motor and continuously variable transmission (CVT), and the entire drive train weighs about as much as a traditional 4-cylinder engine.

The HAGORA is designed to be driven in all-gasoline, hybrid gasoline-electric, or all-electric modes; all three of which are driver-selectable or will engage on their own as variables require. If battery capacity is good, for example, and the vehicle is moving at low speeds, it will run all-electric.

More weight is dropped as the interior has very few on-board electronics, instead relying on the driver's smart phone to supply most of what would otherwise be present on the center console for audio, climate controls, and so on.

Finally, the car is made nearly entirely of composites, some of recycled materials, and weighs far less than a car with the same footprint using traditional manufacture. Most of its component parts are recyclable for end-of-life re-use.

What all this means is that the HAGORA weighs less than 2,000 pounds at the curb and puts out up to 220 horsepower.

Exterior styling is very well-done and is, next to the drive train, the most mesmerizing of the HAGORA's assets. It's a very sleek, yet aggressive vehicle with elements of the sports car and crossover melding into one singular look. Its hatch-like design and heavy stance give it an aggressive crossover feel while the wheels flung far to the corners and its deep-set hood and low roofline speak of the speed of a sport coupe.

Definitely not your average production vehicle.

What we like

Innovative hybrid idea with the motorcycle engine and high-output motor rather than a smaller motor and larger engine, as is the norm.

Beautiful styling that is unlike anything on the road today.

What we don't

Still a concept and at that, only on the computer screen. It may never be built.

Limited seating with only three, though the central driving position does mean the drive is likely very exhilarating.


Most of the HAGORA's current selling points, however, are on paper and have not been built. This is purely a concept, but such a compelling one that it was impossible not to mention it.

Test Period Length and Limitations
Car is a concept only and no test drive was available.

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