Honda FCX Clarity

Honda’s first FCX prototype dates back to 1999 and they have clearly invested a significant amount of time, energy and cash on the vehicle and the result is a gem. The FCX Clarity’s most important contribution to the advancement of hydrogen fuel cells is Honda’s Vertical Flow (V Flow) fuel cell stack. Not only does it free up space, it also allows for higher cell voltage stability and reduces the amount of heat generated.

by Ross Bonander, Contributing Writerp

Type: Next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
Class: 4-door sedan

Manufacturer: Honda Motor Company

Honda FCX Clarity

The Manufacturer Says...

"The Honda FCX Clarity is a shining symbol of the progress we've made with fuel cell vehicles and of our belief in the promise of this technology. Step by step, with continuous effort, commitment and focus, we are working to overcome obstacles to the mass-market potential of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell automobiles."

The Critics Say...

“Combined with the super compact vertical flow fuel cell stack that sits within the center console, the Honda FCX Clarity has an almost limousine-like interior volume for four passengers.”—

What We Like

The powertrain. Honda’s ability to make the fuel cells, the motor, and the on-board hydrogen storage smaller not only helps with efficiency, it’s a tremendous leap forward for fuel cell vehicles.

The design. Each time we scope this body, it gets a little cooler, especially for a sedan. It’s even a bit sporty. said it looks like “an elongated Accord with Infiniti G Coupe haunches, a chopped front end and a chrome new-gen Volkswagen beard.”

The fuel cell. This FCX Clarity technology is staggering. It has the potential to make a more substantial impact on energy reliance down the road than any other vehicle propulsion system currently under development.

What We Don’t Like

The price. Or lack thereof. Whatever Honda’s plans for the FCX Clarity, an MSRP of any kind would be nice.

Honda FCX Clarity Specifications

Propulsion system:V Flow fuel cell stack
Top Speed: 100 mph
Zero-to-60: NA
MPG: 68mpg
Vehicle range: 270 miles
Fuel(s): Hydrogen
Battery System: Lithium-ion battery pack for supplemental power
Tailpipe emissions: None


With the FCX Clarity, Honda proves that an emissions-free, highly-efficient, attractive, hydrogen fuel cell-powered sedan is possible.

The lack of a hydrogen infrastructure does not yet concern us, because it has no reason to exist yet. However it is altogether possible that, as these kinds of vehicles slowly—very slowly—become more and more available, the free enterprise system will respond the way it always does: by meeting demand with supply. That infrastructure doesn’t need to go into operation overnight. In fact it may very well develop in the very best way: semi-organically, according to necessity.

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