Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is the so-called “sexy green car” of the “green American premium car company” (all Fisker-crafted appellations), Fisker Automotive. CEO Henrik Fisker, founder of Fisker Coachbuild, has once again proven his auto design eminence because the Fisker Karma is his Venus di Milo.

by Ross Bonander, Contributing Writer

Type: PHEV
Class: Luxury sports sedan

Manufacturer: Fisker Automotive

Fisker Karma

The Manufacturer Says...

“An environmentally friendly car without compromise.”

The Critics Say...

“Despite its environmental focus, the Fisker Karma is gorgeous. The swooping body looks like the offspring of a tryst between a Corvette Z06 and Maserati Quattroporte.”—

“The Fisker Karma looks poised to provide the driving excitement to match rival luxury performance sedans … a low, wide stance, combined with the drivetrain configuration … should help provide a near-perfect weight distribution.” —

What We Like

The design. Fisker, throwing around more catchphrases with his fingers crossed, calls it “Eco-Chic” and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the famed car designer. This body is sculptured, curvaceous, and dynamic. The term ‘Sports sedan’ has rarely proven so inadequate.

Q DRIVE hybrid technology: A small gasoline engine turns a generator that charges the lithium ion battery pack which powers the electric motor, all acting to the rear wheels.

Solar panel option. Offering “self-contained climate control” these allow consumers the option to “purchase a full length solar roof that will help charge the car and provide cooling for the interior cabin while the car is parked.”

Dual drive modes. “Stealth drive” for a relaxed, efficient and mellow ride, or “Sport drive” which provides full power and alleges to remind you that the Fisker Karma is about performance.

The price. We might typically balk at $80,000 for a green vehicle, but the Fisker Karma is a juggernaut of awesome.

What We Don’t Like

The playing hard-to-get. Like any girl with a body like that, the Fisker Karma is not giving it all up—we’re short on a number of specs.

The production plans. We’re a little concerned about Fisker’s ambitious plans to put 15,000 vehicles per year on the road after production begins at the end of 2009; as Car and Driver points out, this is around when we should be seeing the “similarly sleek” Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide hitting the market. Sounds like a smashing menage-a-trois to us.

Fisker Karma Specifications

Propulsion system: Q DRIVE hybrid drive train
Top Speed: 125 mph
Zero-to-60: 6 seconds
GGE: 100 or so they allege
Vehicle range: Full charge and emission free—50 miles (beyond that, with gasoline, 620)
Fuel(s):gasoline and electricity
Battery System: lithium-ion
Tailpipe emissions: Yes


If you’re like us and you’ve been wondering which future car would be the one to assume the mythic stump, three limbs up, and Crane Kick the likes of the Prius, look no further.

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The Fisker Karma electric hybrid is moving forward

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