AC Propulsion (ACP) was founded in 1992 with a view towards electric propulsions development and its first triumph was 1997’s tzero concept, a vehicle that formed a nice ménage-a-trois out of technology, performance, and range.

Type: 100% electric conversion

Class: Mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)

Manufacturer: Toyota (Scion), AC Propulsion (eBox)


The Manufacturer Says...

“[The eBox is] designed to meet the needs of urban and suburban drivers who want smooth, quiet, powerful, efficient, clean, convenient, and fun-to-drive transportation.”

The Critics Say...

“The eBox out-performed the stock Scion xB by a large margin in every parameter we tested … In practical terms, [it] is the most useful EV we’ve seen.”— autoweek.com

The eBox is simply a Toyota Scion xB 5-speed that a consumer has purchased then brought to ACP for conversion to an electric vehicle. ACP removes the internal combustion engine and its parts and they replace it with a ACP electric drive system and battery, made to order.

What We Like

The conversion. When you’re looking at heinous NEVs all day, it’s nice to look at Toyota’s experienced design with the knowledge that an electric motor purrs under the hood.

The specs. This is performance plus some style and convenience. Another ménage-a-trois.

The company. ACP has been a leader in EV technology for years, and they continue to inspire other car makers.

What We Don’t Like

The warranty. ACP offers a one year limited parts and labor warranty on its conversion system while effectively voiding the original Toyota factory warranty for the rest of the vehicle.

The price. Assume $15,000 or so for a low-mileage Scion, then add ACP’s $55,000. That’s $70,000 for an extremely limited one year warranty, and its competition among EV’s is growing almost weekly.

eBOX Specifications

Propulsion system:AC induction motor

Top Speed: 95 mph

Zero-to-60: 7 Seconds


Vehicle range: : 120-150 miles

Fuel(s): Electricity

Battery system:Lithium ion: 35 kWh, 355V. Full charge: 5 hrs

Tailpipe emissions: None


We don’t often review conversions here for practical purposes but ACP’s eBox demanded a look. Naturally the great benefit here is enjoying the convenience of a 5-seat Toyota with the fairly stellar performance specs of ACP’s electric drive system. But at that price, in this market? We’re not feelin' it, but not because we don’t want to.

How about the geniuses—literally—over at ACP do a joint venture deal with someone to put their tech into a new car design. Or how about licensing the technology out, or even offering the consumer more than just the Scion xB? A few things for you to bandy about, fellas.

More information on the eBOX at:


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