Design Team Proposes Car With Swappable Engine

SCI hyMod concept

In brief: Romanian designers have proposed a concept car with a detachable engine that can be swapped for other components as needed.

The word

The idea behind the SCI hyMod is unusual, but innovative. The car is an electric that has a removable engine in the rear that can be taken out and replaced with batteries for longer EV range (with no generator extension) or left empty entirely for extra storage.

When an engine is present, the car acts as a range-extended electric (ala the Chevy Volt) with the gasoline/diesel/what-have-you engine being used to keep the car going for long ranges. When that isn't needed, the engine can be removed and replaced with batteries to make the now battery-electric car go further in EV mode.

Conceivably, the engine could be swapped with a lot of other things as well. Different engines could be used for different needs (say biodiesel or greasel for better emissions or even a hydrogen fuel cell) and instead of an extra battery, the compartment could become another trunk for storage for shopping nearby.

The general concept is great and definitely has promise.

And so ...

The three designers of the car, part of the SCI group in Romania, have hit on a great idea that could make electrics more do-able by combining the idea behind the Volt and Karma with that of Better Place's battery swapping.

Photo credits: SCI

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