ZF To Present 9-Speed Auto Trans With 16% Fuel Savings

ZF 9spd Transmission

In brief: ZF Friedrichshafen AG will present a 9-speed automatic transmission for passenger cars with front-transverse drive next month in Germany.

The word

ZF 9spd Transmission

The presentation will take place at the upcoming International VDI Conference Transmissions in Vehicles 2011. The ZG design has two models, one a 280Nm torque and the other a 480Nm.

The 9HP model (a designation, not horsepower) can deliver fuel savings of up to 16% when compared to similar 6-speed options being used today.

The ZF design is a "construction kit" so that it can be added to various types of drive trains including both parallel and series hybrid, stop-start, all-wheel drive, and other configurations.

The 9HP has a total thread of 9.84 achieved in small steps thanks to the 9 gears. This keeps the engine within fuel consumption-optimum range for most speeds. For instance, at 120km/h (74mph) the RPMs are only 1,900 rather than the 2,600 in a 6-speed.

And so ...

The ZF uses four individual gearsets with six shifting elements, achieved through use of constant-mesh, keeping the transmission roughly the same size as current models in use.

Photo credits: ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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