Used Cars Get Fuel Economy Stickers From EPA

EPA MPG sticker for used cars

In brief: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun providing fuel efficiency window stickers for used cars.

The word

US EPA used car sample sticker The decals are not mandatory and can be downloaded and printed for free from the EPA's website. Stickers are available for any vehicle make and model year for which the website has fuel economy information.

These are estimates based on the original MPG of the car (updated to the newer 2008 standards) - which include higher A/C usage, faster freeway speeds, etc.

The stickers are provided as a free service so that used car sellers can print them out as part of their advertising for the car. The hope is that consumers will be encouraged to buy more fuel efficient used cars at the lot. They also provide a quick reference for those shopping for various used car models as a quick point of reference at the website.

The EPA says research has shown that fuel economy in vehicles declines by only about 2% over the first 15 years of a vehicle's life if it's been properly maintained. Consumer Reports has confirmed this.

And so ...

This may be a good way for used car dealers and casual sellers to better advertise their cars - especially while these stickers are still new, giving the customer more of a "new car feel" to the buying experience.

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