Siemens Introduces New 22kW Fast-Charge Station

Siemens Fast Charge Station

In brief: Siemens has introduced a new electric vehicle charging station for the market with a fast-charge capability that can charge most EV batteries in about an hour.

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Seimens Charging Station

The charger has a 22kW output - double that of most fast chargers - and has several security features to protect against vandalism and theft. It is also smart-grid capable.

Siemens has introduced the station to support a future with electric vehicles proliferating the roads. In order for that to happen, the company says, people will need to be able to charge their cars conveniently and quickly.

The charging station, called the Charge CP700A, secures the vehicle plug to the vehicle and is designed so that it cannot be removed without authorization. At its fastest charge cycle, the station puts out 22kW and 32 amps in AC. The station is configurable by the user as to how much charge it's adding and how fast, allowing control over the amount and strength.

Other features include outdoor lighting to show whether the station is occupied and controls are through a display on the station, which is activated by an RFID smart card. Some vehicles may also be able to control the station via their on-board computers, allowing smart phones and other devices the ability to control or monitor the charging as well.

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Prototypes of the CP700A have been tested by the German Ministry of the Environment in Germany and the new station will be used in the European Union's Green eMotion project.

Photo credits: Siemens

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