Ford and Folsom Technologies Team With CCEFP on Hydraulic Hybrids

Hydraulic Hybrid Mockup CCEFP

In brief: Ford donated an F-150 pickup truck to CCEFP, who has been using it as a test bed for highway-ready hydraulic hybrid vehicles using the Folsom Technologies tech.

The word

CCEFP Test Bed 3 Mockup

The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) has been designing and computer modeling test beds for the Folsom Technologies hydraulic hybrid system (above). The new series will convert this for pickup truck use and create a real-world mockup.

The idea seems promising and is being worked on by several companies, including Valentin.

And so ...

Hydraulics have the ability to store massive amounts of energy without adding a lot of weight to the vehicle, unlike lithium-ion.

Photo credits: CCEFP

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