DOT Releases Results from Toyota Unintended Acceleration Study

NASA and NHTSA on Toyota

In brief: The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the results of a study on unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles. The study shows electronics were not at fault.

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NHTSA and NASA on Toyota unintended accelerationThe National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and NASA completed a study on the electronics in Toyota vehicles accused of unintended acceleration. The study shows that the electronics were not at fault, giving credence to Toyota's stance that the problem were not in the vehicles' design.

The ten month study was conducted by NHTSA utilizing the expertise of NASA engineers to test the various parts believed to be involved in the problem that made headlines in last year's recalls. The only defects found were those that NHTSA found last year, creating the recall. These were mechanical issues in which pedals stuck to floor mats in the car, creating acceleration.

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The full report is available from NHTSA here.

Photo credits: NHTSA

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