225 Car2Go Vehicles Hit Vancouver in Car-Sharing Service

Car2Go Promo shot

In brief: Car2Go has launched a 225-unit fleet in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in it's carsharing service.

The word

Car2GoVancouver becomes Canada's first city to host the car2go service, which has earlier been successfully deployed in New York City, Austin, Texas, and other locations in North America. The service has a unique, pay-as-you-use model with one-way rentals and no reservations required.

Since the announcement of the availability of service, about 2,000 Vancouver area residents have registered for car2go and vehicles became available for rental on June 18. Drivers can leave the car2go vehicles in any "permit only" on-street spot downtown or in some residential areas in the car2go business area or in specially-marked car2go parking spaces.

Members pay for rental by the minute, hour, or day and are charged only for the time between when they activate the rental (via smart phone or kiosk) and finish (park and deactivate). Costs include fuel, parking, etc.

And so ...

Car2Go's global network now includes about 40,000 members, 1,000 smart vehicles, and plans for future North American and European expansion.

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