SPV Solar Car Concept Goes Beyond the 21st Century

SPV concept

In brief: London-based designer Omar Sagiv has created a solar car design reminiscent of a Sea Ray.

The word

SPV concept

Unlike many of the science-fair project cars that appear as solar cars of the future, but look more like something a 10th grader dreamed up in a desperate weekend before the assignment was due, the SPV has a beautiful symmetry to its form.

The SPV (Solar Powered Vehicle) is a large, flat, wing-like rectangle with a driver's cockpit hump at center, two upturned wings on either side, and hollow wheels rolling at each corner. The black, stealth-like appearance enhances its mystique.

According to Sagiv:
"The SPV is a Solar powered vehicle made out of aluminum structure with flexible thin-film modules fixed to it. The shaft in the centre of the SPV functions as an inbuilt cooling system, integrated in its e-form. The aerodynamic form allows it to collect energy through a long drive in the desert (or any sunny environment), so not only is it powered by solar power, it can also recharge one's home power, with the extra energy it collects using its many solar panels."

And so ...

Very cool, though probably not something you'll see on city streets anytime soon.

Photo credits: Designer Omar Sagiv

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