VW's L1 hybrid concept boasts 189 mpg

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Make/Model: L1
Manufacturer: Volkswagen
In Brief: Calling it the "most fuel-efficient car in the world," VW brought its L1 concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show, a diesel-electric hybrid that it claims can achieve 189 mpg.

The Word

One of many highlights of the recent Frankfurt Motor Show was Volkswagen's L1 concept, a diesel-electric hybrid that weighs a mere 838 lbs (380 kg) thanks to an aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic body.

The vehicle's dimensions are interesting enough and contribute to aerodynamic efficiency. Standing at a mere 3.75 feet high (1143 mm) gives the L1 a very low Lamborghini-like profile, and being just under 4 feet wide (1200 mm) makes her extremely narrow.


According to VW, the L1 runs on an 800 cc two-cylinder, direct injection engine, has a top speed of 99 mph, emits a paltry 39 g/km of CO2, can achieve 189 mpg on the combined hybrid cycle (which calls to mind GM's recent misleading claim about the Volt's mpg), and has a complete range of 416 miles.

And so …

Volkswagen's L1 concept is an offshoot of the original 1-liter vehicle that was first presented to the public by VW back in 2002. Technological advances in lightweight materials have made the L1 possible, and VW even thinks they'll have a production version of the L1 on the market in the next couple of years.

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