VW Up! Lite Concept 96mpg Diesel Hybrid Unveiled at LA Auto Show

VW Up! Lite cutaway

In brief: Volkswagen premiered their Up! Lite concept at the LA Auto Show, the latest in their New Small Family models (Up!) as a hybrid variation of the 2cyl TDI L1.

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Make/Model: Up! Lite
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

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VW Up! Lite Concept

The two door, five-seat concept offers a combined EPA cycle fuel consumption of 2.44L/100km or 96mpg city, 70mpg highway. The Up! Lite is part of a future family of vehicles that VW is calling the New Small Family model series.

The powertrain is an 800cc 2-cylinder TDI (Turbo-Diesel Direct Injected), an electric motor, and a 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) inside a vehicle whose coefficient of drag (Cd) is only 0.237.

The TDI engine delivers 51hp while the electric motor puts out 10kW for a combined output of about 48kW. The motor is a pulse start module (acting as starter, alternator, and electric drive). When coupled with the TDI, the motor ads propulsion when needed, recovers kinetic energy (regenerative braking) when slowing, and is the starter for the engine as well.

VW Up! Lite cutaway

In "eco" mode (button-selectable), the vehicle's output reduces to 26kW, giving the Up! Lite it's 96mpg rating. The car is capable of all-electric driving at low speeds and for short distances.

Top speed is 100mph and 0-62 (100km/h) is in 12.5 seconds.

And so ...

When parked, the Up! Lite uses passive park ventilation, venting hot air from the car to outside. This is a great look at the near-future of diesel-electric hybrids.

Photo credits: Volkswagen

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