VW Unveils Touareg Hybrid for 2011

VW Touareg Hybrid

In brief: Volkswagen unveiled the new Touareg models for 2011, which will include a hybrid. The SUV has been redesigned from the ground up and will come with gasoline, diesel, and hybrid options.

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Make/Model: Touareg
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

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VW Touareg

The all-new Touareg is about 200kg lighter than its predecessor, the gasoline model is 20% more fuel efficient, and the hybrid model will be VW's first foray into hybrid drive trains.

The Touareg Hybrid uses a 3.3L supercharged V6 direct injection engine, which puts out 328hp combined with a 46hp electric motor set up through an 8-speed automatic transmission so the motor or engine can be disengaged from the shaft. The total package will get about 28.7mpg total (US). It does the 0-62mph in an impressive 6.5 seconds.

The hybrid drive train will have some great features, including:

  • All-electric driving up to 31mph for an unspecified number of miles.
  • Coasting which disengages the engine when the driver lets off the accelerator at all vehicle speeds under 100mph. This eliminates drag torque, boosting economy.
  • Regenerative braking to restore energy to the NiMH battery pack.
  • Stop-Start integrated into the power train allows the engine to shut off automatically when stopped at lights, in traffic, etc.

Of the old models of the Touareg, the V10 TDI engines will no longer be offered. It is being replaced by V6 TDI (32mpg US). The older V8 engine will be replaced with a new V8 for the higher-end option, delivering 26mpg US.

And so ...

Obviously, while the performance of the hybrid will be better, the fuel economy is best in the clean diesel TDI.

Photo credits: Volkswagen PR

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