Volvo Begins Series Production of Hybrid Buses

Volvo Buses

In brief: Volvo Buses is now commencing series production of its bus models 7700 Hybrid and B5L Hybrid double-decker.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 7700 and B5L Hybrid
Manufacturer: Volvo Buses

The word

Volvo BusesThe buses will reduce fuel consumption by up to 35% and have been undergoing field testing for several years. They are now going into production for sale world-wide with the 7700 being built in Wroclaw, Poland and the B5L being built in Boras, Sweden.

Coaches for both buses will be built by Wrightbus in Ireland.

The buses are series-parallel drive trains with the unit running all-electric for the first 15-20km/hour before the downsized diesel engine kicks in to provide more power in tandem with the motor.

And so ...

Most of the buses are likely to be sold in Europe.

Photo credits: Volvo

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