Volkswagen Shows Touareg Hybrid in New York

VW Touareg Hybrid atcha

In brief: The New York Auto Show is underway and Volkswagen took the opportunity to showcase all of its new and best-selling vehicles, including the new Touareg Hybrid, capable of 25mpg (highway).

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Touareg Hybrid
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

The word

VW Touareg Hybrid

VW is moving forward with both award-winning TDI engines and hybrid models. The Touareg is an SUV with a V6 engine coupled with a NiMH battery pack and electric motor to output a total of 375hp, allowing it to tow up to 7,700 pounds.

The New York Auto Show marks the first unveiling of the Touareg Hybrid to an American audience.

And so ...

While the MPG aren't too impressive with this truck, it is of note as a step in the right direction. Volkswagen (and it's child company, Audi) are tops in the TDI engine arena.

Photo credits: Volkswagen

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