Volkswagen Aims for 261 MPG with Diesel-Electrics

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In brief: Volkswagen has put a lot into clean-diesel technology and is now working towards production of its XL1 plug-in hybrid diesel-electric, capable of 261mpg.

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Make/Model: XL1
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

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The XL1 is slated to begin production and gradual global rollout in 2013. It combines a small displacement (800cc 2-cylinder) diesel engine with a plug-in electric drive train. It sports a 22 mile all-electric range.

While the XL1 is the current showcase of VW's hybrid technology, it will likely appear in other models starting that same year. That much was announced at the International Motor Symposium in Vienna earlier this month.

Although specific models weren't mentioned, the Golf TDI is a great example of a car that would sell well off the VW line as a hybrid. Already getting 42mpg as a TDI, the car could break the 60mpg barrier as a hybrid.

And so ...

Volkswagen originally said they weren't going into hybrids, but have since changed their tune.

Photo credits: Volkswagen

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