Velozzi to Use Capstone Microturbines in Supercar and SOLO

Velozzi Supercar

In brief: Velozzi, an X-Prize entrant with their self-named supercar concept, will be using micro-turbines for the range-extending engines in their Supercar X-Prize entry as well as their concept SOLO crossover.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Supercar / SOLO
Manufacturer: Velozzi

The word

Velozzi Supercar

The California-based company made headlines with their X-Prize entrant, the Supercar, which is being built in conjunction with advanced materials firm Bayer.

The Supercar will be powered by a huge 770hp (574kW) electric motor which will be charged by a small bank of on-board batteries and a C65 microturbine from Capstone.

The C65 puts out about 65kW of power and is capable of better than 100mpg at sustained use. The smaller C30 turbine is in Capstone's own prototype, the CMT-380, which unveiled at the LA Auto Show last December.

And so ...

Despite the naysayers, Velozzi appears to be going forward with their vehicle designs. The Supercar will enter limited production later this year and the concept SOLO crossover will be available sometime in 2011.

Photo credits: Velozzi

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