U.S. Army and EnerDel Collaborate for the XM1124 Hybrid Humvee


In brief: EnerDel, Inc. and the U.S. Army TARDEC will be collaborating for the next 18 months on hybrid Humvees.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: HMMWV

The word

EnerDel, Inc. and the United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) will be working together over the next year and a half to develop four hybrid Humvee concepts.


The concepts will center on EnerDel's lithium-ion battery systems and two traction motors (one on each axle) in a series hybrid configuration with the diesel engines.

EnerDel won out over A123Systems and Saft for the $1.29 million contract and two of the company's battery systems will be tested in four configurations.

XM1124 Batteries

It's expected that the improvements to the already-impressive XM1124 Humvee will be further improved by better and longer-lasting battery storage.

XM1124 Specs 1

XM1124 Specs 2

And so ...

The testing will include development of battery placements and extreme performance simulations at the TARDEC facility in Warren, Michigan.

Photo credits: Marcel/US Army

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