UPS Ads 200 Hybrid Trucks to Delivery Fleet

UPS Hybrid Electric Truck 2

In brief: 200 new hybrid delivery trucks began rolling out this week as UPS adds new, more sustainable vehicles to its fleet.

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Make/Model: Walk-in Delivery Van
User: UPS

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UPS Hybrid Truck

United Parcel Service (UPS) began rolling out the hybrids this week in eight different U.S. cities.

The rollout is part of a much larger industry trend as medium-duty vehicle fleets begin exploring and using hybrid technologies to reduce emissions and raise fuel economy. Most medium-duty vehicles, such as those being fielded by UPS, can expect efficiency gains of 30-50%, depending on idle times.

That is significant. Another user we've showcased here at FutureCars is Gates Automotive in New York.

And so ...

Expect to see a lot more medium-duty vehicles from companies like UPS and FedEx hitting the roads over the next couple of years.

Photo credits: UPS

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