Upcoming VW Sedan to Include Both Diesel and Hybrid Options

VW NMS sketch
VW NMS sketch

In brief: Volkswagen hints at a soon-to-be-announced U.S.-market sedan to be sold as a hybrid and diesel model in 2012.

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VW NMS sketch

Volkswagen America dropped a hint at the LA Auto Show that a new mid-sized sedan (dubbed the NMS) will be offered in the U.S. at the end of 2011 for 2012 sales.

VW has been pushing diesel power in North America for some time and speculators say that the new car will include the 2.5L diesel that's in the Jetta.

With the success of Audi's TDI at this year's show and with VW's win last year, however, it could include a TDI instead.

VW NMS sketchA new factory in Tennessee will become the hub for the new car and Volkswagen did make it clear that a hybrid model would be included as an option for the NMS.

It's already confirmed that the so-far-unseen NMS will be built in Tennessee, but whether or not the hybrid power train would be built there is up for questioning.

And so ...

It's an interesting rumor and gives hope that the German automaker will be resurging in the American market soon.

Photo credits: Autocar

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