Toyota's Auris Hybrid to be Built in Europe

Toyota Auris HSD

In brief: Toyota has announced it will show the production Auris hybrid at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and that the Auris will be built at Toyota's UK plant in North Wales.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Auris Hybrid
Manufacturer: Toyota

The word

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Toyota has previously said they plan to have hybrid sales of a million units per year globally and part of that goal will be introducing market- and region-specific models.

The Auris, the petrol version already does well with mileage, but the hybrid will be 19% more fuel efficient. Given that the current Auris gets an impressive 40.5mpg (US) combined, that's a feat.

The Auris hybrid will be built at the Deeside, North Wales plant in the UK and will be the first hybrid Toyota is building in Europe.

And so ...

The European market wasn't hit as hard with the recalls as the North American and Japanese markets were. So near-future sales for Toyota will likely be better in the EU.

Photo credits: Toyota

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