Toyota Prius Wagon and SUV in Development

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In brief: With the huge success of the hybrid Prius, Toyota is readying the next obvious step: a station wagon and an SUV based on the platform.

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For most established car companies, once a successful platform is developed and marketed, the next logical step is to further develop the platform and ad models to it.

Such is the plan at Toyota with the hyper-successful Prius hybrid-electric platform.

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So far, all that's been released are concept renderings of a station wagon. A Japanese newspaper, the Yomiuri, claims that Toyota plans to release the "X" concept wagon and possibly an SUV as early as 2012.

This is not a new idea, as Toyota concepted these Prius wagon drawings (called "Hybrid X") at the Geneva Motor Show two years ago.

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The wagon would likely be the same as the 2010 plug-in Prius in every respect except body style. An SUV would be radically different.

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And so ...

While an SUV may or may not be realistic from a marketing and a platform standpoint, given the emphasis on drag coefficient with the Prius, a station wagon would be a likely and marketable addition.

Photo credits: Toyota

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