Toyota Prius Has Consistent Brake Problems - Recall?

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In brief: The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is tracking and investigating complaints about the Toyota Prius Hybrid's braking system.

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Make/Model: Prius
Manufacturer: Toyota

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Toyota Hybrid System

While no recall has been recommended, the NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation has received 33 complaints thus far and is investigating a possible safety defect resulting in braking loss in the hybrid.

Toyota had responded to complaints of "unintentional acceleration," which they said was due to a fault with the regenerative braking system.

The issue may actually be with the braking system itself, though the NHTSA will say nothing more than that they are investigating.

And so ...

Of late, many consumers are beginning to question Toyota's reputation for solid reliability, mostly due to the perception of poor handling of this and similar issues by the company.

Photo credits: Toyota

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