Toyota iQ Coming to America as a Scion - Now With 5 Doors and As a Hybrid

Toyota Scion iQ concept

In brief: Toyota plans to bring the diminutive iQ, so popular in Europe, to America under the Scion brand. Adding to the tiny 2-door option will be a four door sedan and a 5-door hatch back.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: iQ
Manufacturer: Toyota / Scion

The word

Scion iQ Concept

Toyota showed off the Scion iQ concept (above) at the New York Auto Show last year and will be bringing the newer 5-door concept to the Detroit Auto Show this week.

The 3-door hatchback (above) will be first, followed by the others. A 1.3L four cylinder engine will power the cars, but a hybrid version which will get a projected 60mpg will be soon in the offing, based on the Prius drive train.

The hybrid model will likely be pricier than the straight ICE version, but with the Scion iQ starting at under $15,000, it can't be that much more expensive.

And so ...

We will find out more at the auto show next week, so stay tuned for NAIAS coverage.

Photo credits: Toyota

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