Toyota Introduces New Prius Designs

2012 Prius and Prius v concepts
In brief: Toyota, aware that the Prius is showing its age, has introduced a mid-sized and compact Prius family design in Detroit.

The word

Prius (left) and Prius v (right)

The Prius family of vehicles will grow with new designs from Toyota for a more compact version of the hybrid and a larger, roomier mid-sized sedan made to compete with the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The Prius c (compact) and the Prius v (versatility, mid-sized) are labeled as production concepts, so they will likely see production in 2012-13. The v will be first, showing itself in showrooms later this year and the c may wait another year to debut in 2012.

The Prius v will deliver 42mpg city and 38mpg on the highway (40mpg combined) while the c has no numbers on display yet.

And so ...

Price-points have not been announced, but will likely be in line with the Prius (the v a little more, the c a little less).

Photo credits: Toyota

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