Toyota Introduces Auris Hybrid at Geneva Motor Show

Toyota Auris HSD 2010

In brief: Toyota introduced the Auris Hybrid Synergy Drive at the Geneva Motor Show alongside its three gasoline and three diesel options.

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Make/Model: Auris Hybrid
Manufacturer: Toyota

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2010 Toyota Auris Hybrid

Toyota has ambitious plans to include the Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) in all of its vehicle models by 2020. The Auris, which will be built and sold in Europe, is the introduction of that concept to the EU.

The HSD is a step away from the Prius hybrid platform, incorporating all of the electric drive components (motor, generator, power splitter) inside the transmission. This means that even a front-wheel-drive model like the Auris does not require significant body modifications or loss of passenger space to accommodate the hybrid parts.

The Auris is a parallel hybrid, operating in all-EV mode at low speeds, using the NiMH batteries for power. During acceleration, higher speeds, etc. the motor and engine (4cyl VVT-i gasoline) work together to propel the car.

Combined EU cycle consumption is 62mpg (US equiv).

And so ...

Of course, the car also incorporates regenerative braking and is capable of operating all-electric up to 50km/h for about 2km.

Photo credits: Toyota

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