The TAC-V JAMMA Hybrid All-Terrain Military Recon Vehicle

TAC-V Jamma (front)

In brief: With a suitable military acronym and hybrid power train, this vehicle has everything. Except a buyer.

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Make/Model: JAMMA
Manufacturer: TAC-V

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TAC-V JAMMA (publicity)

There are two primary job descriptions for military hardware: moving personnel or other hardware and blowing stuff up. If you have a product that does one or both of these things, you have a chance of becoming a military contractor.

TAC-V, based in North Hollywood, California, created the Joint All-Terrain Modular Mobility Asset (JAMMA) as a fast-deploying, rapid-response, reconnoiter vehicle for use by the military.

TAC-V JAMMA (front)

It obviously aims to replace the current HUMVEE in this role and is both smaller, lighter, and more fuel-efficient than the Hummer.

It seats four, is small enough to be transported by the V-22 Osprey airplane, and is a diesel-electric hybrid.

It puts out 398lb/ft of torque at 1,800 RPMs and can range up to 450 miles on rough terrain at 21mpg. It's electric generator is capable of 23kW of power output, so the JAMMA can also power electronic equipment such as satellite communicators, radar, etc.

TAC-V JAMMA (rear)

It's narrow design not only facilitates the Osprey, but also allows the JAMMA to fulfill that second role. Machine guns mounted on the odd-looking roll-bar can cover a full 360-degrees with their field of fire without inhibiting the JAMMA's movement.

The vehicle can also be armored through simple door replacements, fitted windows, etc.

And so ...

Built for a specific role and to replace an already well-proven machine, it's unclear whether the JAMMA will ever see a field of battle. Especially with the military already investing considerable money and effort into hybridizing the Humvee.

TAC-V JAMMA (front-left)

Photo credits: TAC-V

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