The Rock Says This: Grow a Pair Before Driving a Hybrid

Dwayne Johnson MTV Movie Awards

In brief: Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson advises would-be Prius owners to "grow a pair" before getting into a hybrid car.

The word

Dwayne Johnson

Famous for his World Wrestling Entertainment stint as "The Rock" in the 1990s, Dwayne Johnson has been building a career as a Hollywood action star. During an interview for his latest film, Fast Five, The Johnson said that before any man decides to drive a hybrid, he should "grow testicles."

Fans of wrestling were enamored with The Rock's ability to throw one-liners while egging on his opponents. Of course, the best pair-up in WWE history was likely The Rock and Mankind (Mick Foley). Mankind's tagline? He had "testicular fortitude."

Methinks the Rock might want to rethink his own fortitude - he drives a huge, gas-guzzling F150 that has likely never had any sort of cargo in the bed.

And so ...

On the other hand, The Rock is a personality. Therefore, perhaps his remarks are really just marketing. He is, after all, promoting a movie, not seriously talking the finer points of automotive technology.

Photo credits: AP/Fox

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