The Motion Hybrid Supercar Will Enter Production in 2011

Kepler Motion
Kepler Motion

In brief: Debuting at the Dubai Motor Show this year, the Kepler Motors supercar is all-wheel-drive, with electic up front and gasoline at rear.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Motion
Manufacturer: Kepler Motors

The word

Kepler Motion

Developed as a concept for the 2009 Dubai show, the Motion and the company are named for the old world scientist who mathematically described planetary motion.

Kepler Motors, with the concept finalized, plans to build fifty of the cars for distribution in 2011.

The unique hybrid concept uses a electric drive at front to produce 250hp and the Ford EcoBoost V6 engine at rear tweaked to produce an additional 550hp. The combined 800hp output produces a speed of 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds.

While few specs have been given at this time, Kepler does say the vehicle is in final prototype now and will be entering production for a 2011 sales release of a limited fifty vehicles.

Kepler Motion

The vehicle is aimed at luxury buyers and collectors, though no price point has been given as yet either. Sales interest at the Dubai show was said to be the driving force behind the car's moving forward from concept to production.

And so ...

Another vehicle, with similar looks and unspecified layout, will be forthcoming as well, titled the Aria.

Photo credits: Kepler Motors

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