Scientist Group Says Many Hybrids Aren't a Good Value

Toyota Prius concept drawing

In brief: The Union of Concerned Scientists has developed a Hybrid Scorecard to show consumers whether the "hybrid premium" is worth it when considering models of cars to purchase.

The word

Prius concept drawing

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) announced the Hybrid Scorecard amid controversy over findings that many hybrid vehicles are not likely as "green" or as good of a value as consumers might think.

On the website, hybrid models are scored on various criteria to determine their value to the consumer. The scores are, of course, highly subjective.

The Environmental Score, for instance, takes into account both greenhouse and smog emissions as compared to the vehicle's nearest conventional ICE counterpart.

Other opinions given on the site include what they call "hollow hybrids," which are models they say are hybrid in name only and aren't really an improvement over their gasoline counterparts.

Overall, the score card is receiving a lot of interest from various members of the press, but whether it will really impact the decisions of car buyers is in question.

And so ...

The value of the Hybrid Scorecard is questionable and obviously not exactly scientific.

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