Saab Says if Saab 92 Supermini is Revived, It Will Include a Hybrid Option

In brief: Saab has been toying with the idea of reviving the once-popular 92 Supermini brand and has been working on a mockup of a new version, which they now say will include a hybrid option if it goes to production.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 92 Supermini
Manufacturer: Saab

The word

1949 Saab 92

Autocar has rumors that the design of the new 92 is nearly complete and discussions are underway for the new Saab to go into limited production, including a hybrid variant.

Saab's CEO Victor Muller says that the vehicle will target a 30,000+ unit per year production run with the hybrid being about 10% higher in price than the standard. The earliest it would be seen is 2013 or 2014.

And so ...

Autocar also says the rumor is that Saab is looking for a partner for the project, though details on that were sketchy.

Photo credits: Saab

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