Saab Introduces PhoeniX AWD Hybrid Concept

Saab PhoeniX concept

In brief: Saab has unveiled a new hybrid concept, the PhoeniX, at the Geneva Motor Show, using elements of Saab's first car, the Ursaab.

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Make/Model: PhoeniX concept

Manufacturer: Saab

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Saab PhoeniX concept

The PhoeniX is a gas-electric hybrid based on the 9-3 platform and utilizing elements of aeromotional design (aerodynamics) inspired by Saab's first car, the Ursaab.

The PhoeniX is an all wheel drive (AWD) vehicle with a 1.6L turbo engine in front and a 25kW motor powering the rear axle.

The 200hp engine uses variable valve timing and lift control and includes start-stop functionality. The hybrid system is being called the eXWD System and has the 34hp motor/generator utilizing a small battery pack that can take power from the engine as well as regenerative braking.

The system has been in the works for a couple of years and Saab plans to roll it out on a handful of models - which they haven't announced yet. It gives the benefits of AWD while saving fuel overall.

Projected fuel economy for the PhoeniX are about 47mpg in optimum driving mode. Three modes are available, giving the driver the ability to drive in Eco, Sport, and Traction modes. The three get progressively more fuel-hungry.

And so ...

The sleek, jet-style cabin and rear teardrop are beautiful design elements reminiscent of the Ursaab that launched the company.

Photo credits: Saab

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