Russian Billionaire Shows Off Hybrid Car of the Future

Russian Town Car hatchback
Russian Town Car cutaway
Russian Town Car coupe
Russian Town Car collage
In brief: Mikhail Prokhorov has unveiled designs for Russia's first hybrid electric car, called the Town Car.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Town Car Manufacturer: Onexim Group / Yarovit

The word

Town Car Coupe and Hatchback

Both a coupe and a hatchback design have been shown, both using the same chassis and drive train. The hybrid-electric is being dubbed "The People's Hybrid" and is officially known as the Town Car.

The development has been done by Prokhorov's Onexim Group and Russia's largest truck maker, Yarovit. The car is being designed entirely in-house and will be built using parts sourced in Russia exclusively. The promise is that the car will cost less and have a top speed of 120km/h. Town Car Coupe

The expected price tag is $12-14,000USD with the car being a C-class compact hatchback and cross-coupe. It will be roughly the same size as a BMW Mini Cooper. Town Car Hatchback

Specifics on the car's design were not given, though the cutaway drawing below shows a combustion engine at front and an electric motor behind the rear axle. Batteries are also seen under the rear-cabin floorboards. Town Car cutaway

And so ...

So far, just a conceptual design, but it's entirely possible that it could become reality. Especially given the backing of the car's chief proponent.

Photo credits: The Voice of Russia

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