Quantum Launches Converted Plug-in F-150 Pickup Line for Fleets

Quantum F-150 PHEV Conversion

In brief: Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies has launched a new line of hybrid conversions, this time using the Ford F-150 pickup as its base.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: F-Drive
Manufacturer: Quantum

The word

Quantum F-Drive

Ford's F-150 pickup series is the highest-volume vehicle selling in America right now and a large number of those purchases are by corporate fleets. Quantum is hoping to capitalize on that by offering a plug-in hybrid electric version of the F-150, the F-Drive.

The F-Drive system converts an F-150 into a full plug-in hybrid vehicle. It's capable of going up to 35 miles on battery and motors alone before shifting into hybrid mode. Total range is about 400 miles (gas-electric).

Performance matches F-150 standard versions, but fuel economy is substantially higher at roughly 30% savings.

The F-150 PHEV from Quantum is a parallel hybrid capable of 305hp and sports a 22.6kWh battery pack (li-ion), a top speed of 95mph and a sub-11 second 0-60 all electric. Towing capacity remains at 2,000 lbs.

And so ...

The conversions are aimed at fleets who would realize potentially substantial savings over the life of the truck.

Photo credits: Quantum

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