Quantum Fuel Contracted To Deliver 100 Hybrid Fords to Dow Chemical

F-150 Quantam Conversion

In brief: Quantum Fuel Systems has won a contract with Dow Chemical to deliver more than 100 Ford F-150 plug-in hybrid trucks powered by the Dow Kokam li-ion battery system.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: F-150 PHEV
Manufacturer: Ford / Quantum Fuel Systems

The word

The company announced their plug-in hybrid conversion system earlier this month and has now sold over 100 of the conversions to Dow Chemical for delivery this year.

Dow Chemical started Dow Kokam in 2009 to develop alternative energy storage systems for transportation and is now re-investing in that company by buying these trucks containing its technology.

In addition to the conversions and sales to Dow, Quantum also received a $1.37 million grant from the California Energy Commission to launch plug-in hybrid electric systems in the state. The money will be used to validate the F-150 conversions and create a pilot production line for new hybrid electric conversion products in Lake Forest, California.

And so ...

Great news for this plug-in conversion startup.

Photo credits: Quantum

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