Putin Drives a Yo-mobile to Medvedev's House

Putin and Yo-Mobile

In brief: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin drove the new hybrid prototype for 10 kilometers to meet with President Medvedev outside of Moscow.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Yo-mobile
Manufacturer: Yo-Auto

The word

The Yo-mobile was introduced in October of last year as a modeled prototype called the "Town Car." It's been rebranded after the formation of a collaborative company called Yo-Auto.

Yo-Auto is a joint venture between Russia's largest truck maker, Yarovit, and billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's company Onexim. Plans to produce the Yo-mobile in 2012 are underway.

The prototype model that Putin drove is a pre-production, working concept sports cross-coupe. The company plans to produce these sedans and then hatchbacks and possibly a mini-van. All will be AWD or 4WD models.

The planned ticket price is for 350,000-450,000 rubles ($12,000-$15,000USD).

And so ...

The cars are being built with cheaper, new materials and in Russia as a Russian-made hybrid. No mention of export has been made as yet.

Photo credits: Ria Novosti

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