Price of the Prius and Hybrid Camry to Go Up in February

Toyota Prius 2010

In brief: Toyota has announced that both the Prius and the Camry Hybrid will see their MSRP's raised in February.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Prius / Camry Hybrid
Manufacturer: Toyota

The word

2010 Toyota Prius

The price points for both vehicles will be raised through their manufacturer's suggested retail price.

The Prius will go up on January 24 to $22,800 (base, Prius II trim level) with the same raise of $400 for every other trim level as well.

The Camry Hybrid sees only a $250 markup, putting its starting price at $26,400. The rest of the non-hybrid Camry line is seeing a price increase of $200.

Overall, these increases are all below 2% and are mainly inflationary adjustments, it appears. The profit margins on the Prius can be measured in dollars and cents per car and the Camry Hybrid is said to be losing money or barely coming out even with each sale.

And so ...

The release came as part of a larger press release regarding pricing of several Toyota models for 2010. Other vehicle manufacturers will likely follow suit, though these announcements usually wait until the first of the year.

Photo credits: Toyota

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