PowerGenix Introduces Nickel-Zinc Batteries for Micro-Hybrids

PowerGenix NiZn battery

In brief: PowerGenix, which manufactures high-performance Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, has produced a battery to be marketed specifically to the new micro-hybrid market.

The word

PowerGenix NiZn battery

The new battery is currently undergoing engineering qualification evaluation with several original equipment manufacturers OEMs) and will be in demonstration vehicles later this year.

The NiZn battery offers half the size/weight of lead-acid batteries, better charge acceptance, and a longer lifespan. The battery weighs only 7.4kg (versus 20.6kg for lead-acid) and packs nearly double the punch at 69Wh/kg (vs. 35Wh/kg).

For a micro-hybrid, this means a lot of advantage over lead-acid in terms of weight, power absorption, and size. That means a more efficient vehicle.

And so ...

The NiZn is also much cheaper (no price is listed, but manufacture is lower cost) than current li-ion 12V options being fielded.

Photo credits: PowerGenix

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