Porsche Shows 918 Spyder With Flywheel-Hybrid (KERS)

918 KERS
In brief: Porsche has unveiled the 918 RSR, which is the flywheel hybrid version of the 918 Spyder as a motor sports version.

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Make/Model: 918 Spyder RSR KERS
Manufacturer: Porsche

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The flywheel energy recovery system, known as kinetic energy recovery (KERS), has been in use in Porsche's racing 911 GT3 R for over a year now. They have now incorporated it into the motor sports version of the 918 Spyder.

The V8 in the 918 RSR is a next-generation direct injection engine with an output of 563hp and 10,300 RPM. Two electric motors on the front wheels (the 918 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive) add another 75kW, bringing the peak horsepower up to 767. The motors are powered entirely from the KERS.

The two electric motors also give a torque vectoring function with variable torque on the front axle, adding to steering and agility.

The 918 Spyder in this RSR configuration dispenses with msot of the luxury and pomp that the 918 Spyder itself has. The RSR is made for racing, so LCD and touch-sensitive interfaces have been replaced with toggle switches and the passenger seat is taken up by the KERS system, balancing driver weight in the car.

And so ...

Porsche is slowly perfecting the KERS and has hinted at adding it to some road-going vehicles (probably SUVs or performance cars) in the future.

Photo credits: Porsche

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