Porsche Plans Hybrid Versions of All Models

Porsche 918
In brief: After the successful debut of their Spyder concept, Porsche has announced that every vehicle in their lineup will have a hybrid version soon.

The word

Porsche 918 Spyder

The car company plans to have every vehicle it makes, from the higehst-end supercar to the lowliest (if you can say that about Porsche) around towner in a hybrid variation over the next five years.

This coincides with the company's goal of dropping emissions by 255 grams per kilometer down to 216 in that same time span. They'll do this by incorporating the hybrid drive train already in the Cayenne SUV into other models.

Another change will be the replacement of many current engines with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine to cut weight and improve efficiency without losing much performance.

And so ...

Interesting news from Porsche, who's been late getting into the alternative fuels and technologies game.

Photo credits: Automotive News Europe

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