Plug-in Prius Expected To Get Significant Fuel Economy Gains

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid being charged

In brief: The upcoming Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid is expected to get "significant fuel economy gains," according to Justin Ward, Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing engineer.

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Make/Model: Prius Plug-in
Manufacturer: Toyota

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Plug-in Prius being chargedDuring briefing seminars at the Center for Automotive Research Management in Michigan, advanced powertrain program manager for Toyota's Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, Justin Ward, said that a 150-vehicle test fleet of plug-in hybrid Prius cars is now starting in the U.S. and will deliver "significant fuel economy" ratings over and above the current 51mpg of the this-generation Prius.

Although Ward wouldn't give official numbers, pending figures from the EPA, he did say that the efficiency would likely be around 42% better than current.

That would give the plug-in Prius a MPG rating over 72mpg.

The plug-in Prius has a 13-mile all-electric range at low speeds and Ward says that the on-road testing of the 150 vehicle fleet will further prove the new rating expectations.

And so ...

Although plug-ins are expensive to build, they do deliver much higher MPG ratings than their hybrid-only cousins. In the end, their adoption is a question of economics.

Photo credits: Toyota

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