Pharos Marine Introduces the ORCAGENO Hydrogen Superyacht Concept


In brief: Pharos Marine, an Egyptian yacht builder, has introduced a diesel-hydrogen hybrid super-yacht called the ORCAGENO.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ORCAGENO
Manufacturer: Pharos Marine

The word


The sixty meter yacht is a hydrogen-diesel hybrid designed to cut through the water with minimal friction and impact on marine life.

The hydrogen-diesel system is built as a dual-fuel with the engine of the yacht being capable of burning either fuel or both in a mix. The engine in turn powers a generator that provides power for the passengers and propeller.

The yacht is propelled through the water using the latest in ABB Azipod electric propeller systems. The boat's captain can choose either fuel source at the flip of a switch.


The yacht otherwise features everything the owner of a luxury yacht would expect: dining, spa, fitness, a swimming pool, and more.

And so ...

Luxury without most of the guilt is what the ORCAGENO is all about.

Photo credits: Pharos Marine

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